Follow Charles' Journey

image of  Charles StowmanCome on a journey with us as we travel with Charles Stowman, our church organist, as he moves from hearing loss to hearing again, following surgery for a cochlear implant. This journey has been filmed by Channel 4 in a new TV programme called Breaking the Silence. 

For several months, Charles has continued to play the organ for our services even thouugh he has no hearing, and he has done an amazing job. Charles recently underwent cochlear implant surgery and the switch-on of his implant will be shown live on C4 on 22 November. Join with us as we pray that he will be able to hear again.

C4 have filmed Charles' journey, including a day spent with Charles and his wife Norma during our morning service.  You can find more details of the programme by following this link.

image of Charles with C4 teamPhoto shows C4 team with Charles and Norma Stowman

Gavin Stewart, Doug Hartington, Zoe Callan, Charles and Noma, Alice Taylor