Write the Bible: Scripture as Poetry

image of a stack of BiblesWe had a great time at our poetry workshop as part of our Y Bible celebrations!

Led by local poet Linda Cosgriff, people from churches all over Stockport came together to learn different ways in which they could draw deeper into God's word using a variety of writing techniques. Everyone was captivated by the poetry they produced, a selection of which is reproduced below.

One exercise  we used was writing small poems in the form of a Piku (a poem ‚Äčsimilar to a haiku, ‚Äčthat follows the form of pi:  three syllables on the first line, one on the second, four on the third - 3.1.4)

Rejoice or


as is needed.

(Based on Romans 12:15)


Peace calms down.
makes tempers flare

(Based on Proverbs 15.1)




Keep doing good.

(Based on 1 Thess 5:11)

image of poemWe also expressed our thoughts about the Bible; what it means to us; when we read it; and what we get from it. These thoughts were then turned into a group poem by Linda.

image of people writingEveryone had a wonderful time.  Feedback included:

 "Looking forward to the next one," and "It was brilliant! Really user friendly and inspiring."


Overall, a fantastic event with some exciting ways we can explore more of God's word.

You also are invited to join us for our free Introduction to Bible Art Journaling event at St Matthew's on Saturday 23 October, 1 - 3. 

image of Y Bible logo

This event is being offered as part of the Diocese of Chester's Y Bible initiative, encouraging us all to read our Bibles more often.