Community Development

How can a small church make a big difference? image of Edgeley sign

Here at St Matthew's we are not just part of the community, we want to use our unique position to bring people together, to connect those who need support with those who can provide it. We have the time to build up relationships with a wide range of people, groups and services, strengthening each other through partnerships and active co-operation. We are already working with different churches, charities, community groups, private companies, local police and fire services, and lots more. In this way, we can multiply the work of our hands, for the benefit of local people.

On these pages, you can read about the person who is leading this work, our Community Development Manager


Our Community Development Manager, Pam Robinson, has been in post for several years. Here's how Pam describes her role:image of Pam Robinson

For over ten years, our community engagement programme has been asking “how can a small organisation make a big difference?” 

The work I do through this project is helping to break down the walls of social isolation and to empower our community. Whilst I work primarily in the parish of Edgeley and Cheadle Heath (which includes Bridgehall), some of my work impacts people across the whole of Stockport.

How does my work do this? I do this through Connecting, Supporting, Leading and Managing, and Shaping Values and Influencing.

Here are some of the ways I have helped to do this:

By Connecting: drawing together small groups and maintaining networks, creating robust communication, facilitating and sharing resources, forging new links, and raising awareness of opportunities. This means that the resources of a community can be used to the best effect. Networks don’t just happen, they need forums in which to connect and someone to facilitate. One of my strenghts is having the time to build up these networks, in fact, we are proud say that “our currency is connection.” 

By Supporting: multiplying resources through partnerships, offering information and practical advice, promoting groups, attracting new volunteers from the community and sharing skills. This means I can help groups become more sustainable, especially when they are looking for funding.

By Leading and Managing: bringing people together through large scale community events, holiday activities, developing existing activities and building partnerships. This is how I encourage community engagement.  

By shaping values and influencing: by being a force for good in the community, getting involved through taking leadership roles, attending residents’ associations and by becoming a known presence in the communities of Edgeley, Cheadle Heath and Bridgehall. This is how I help to speak out for justice to those who make decisions.

I am privileged to serve my community and have leadership roles at 

•    St Matthew’s Church
•    St Matthew’s Church House
•    Olive ROC Centre (café on Castle Street next to the Co-op)
•    York Street Community Centre
•    Rose Walker Community Centre

and I am a Co-Project Lead for the Friendly Fridays project. You can keep up with my work through my Facebook page, Pam Robinson, Community Development Manger.


Over the years, this role has been funded by a number of grants, including

Tudor Trust

National Lottery Commuity Fund

Stockport Local Fund


Oimage of Stockport Local fund logour work continues to make an impact in the community, and we are very happy to see this recognised with an award from Stockport Local. This award will help us to continue our work in the community and develop St Matthew's Church House as a reall asset to our community.



Here are some archived reports from the early part of our work in the community during the time that the role was funded by the Tudor Trust:
Year 1 (2014 - 2015)Year 2 (2015 - 2016)Year 3 (2016 - 2017) and Year 4 (2017 - 2018),


We have also had lots of articles about our community work published across the local press - take a look at some of the highlights!

We are always interested in talking to people who share our vision, so please feel free to get in touch if you want to know more:

     image of community manager with PCSOs