St Matthew's Signing Team

Here at St Matthew's Church, we want to make God's word as accessible as possible. We provide large print hymn books and service sheets, and we also have a Braille guide book to help people tour the church building.

image of Pam and Karen, signersOnce a month, we have a service which is signed for our friends in the D/deaf community, usually the last Sunday of the month at 11.15am, unless otherwise stated.

Our signers, Karen (BSL Level 3) and Pam (BSL Level 2), are part of the Diocese of Chester's Signing Team, a group of volunteers who regularly come together to learn and practice the skill of signing in church. Karen and Pam are also involved in signing at the Royal Cheshire Show in June each year, and, closer to home, help to sign the carol service for our friends at Walthew House.

Photo: Pam and Karen

image Pam Bishop Libby KarenEveryone is welcome to our signed service  - we often welcome signing students to church, to see how a church service is signed, or people who are  interested in seeing the beauty of British Sign Language.  See our Home Page for a signed welcome to church by Karen, and see a signed version of the Lord's Prayer with Pam.

Do Contact Us if you would like to know more.



Photo: Pam, Bishop Libby, Karen at the Royal Cheshire Show



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Signing Team from Pam Robinson on Vimeo.

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